Shrimp aka "Crevette"

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4 in a pack 

2.5" long 

Customer Reviews

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Dakota Deroche
Good Glow

Most lifelike shrimp lure I've ever had, catches the attention of specks and reds more than any other shrimp lure I've ever used while night fishing.

Charles Braddock
Tournament fishing

The under spin gets there attention with a padded tail worked out good coming threw the pot holes. The Shrimp Crevette really got there attention. 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇺🇸

Rick Sauvage

Only know replacement for the VuDu shrimp bait that I am aware of. Had several old jigheads and this bait slips on on perfectly. Sctually caught a few reds first time out using the crevette.

Tony Chouest
Tiger in the water

We were fishing with Frozen Shrimp and the bite was very slow. I double rigged with the Tiger Shrimp Crevette and BAM! Red on the line. Not sure it it were the bright colors that made the difference or the tail action in the water but it definitely changed the game. Both Reds and Trout seem to respond when double rigged with shrimp. Highly recommend.

Felipe Ferreira
Very realistic and durable

Made out some very strong materiel yet the shrimp has a perfect action in the water. My main trout fishing lure from now on! Easy to use in any hook