How to Catch FISH in FALL Months for 2022 (REDFISH)

How to Catch FISH in FALL Months for 2022 (REDFISH)

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Some of my best red fishing is going to be in the fall months. They're going to get push in and school up. Their feed is going to change for the better. Reds love to feed in marsh grass and mud flats. They are going to be in about 3 feet to 2 feet of water school up right at the month of cuts with good water flow.

    The biggest change of fall months or going to be water temperature and tides. This is when you're going to see a change in the Temperature of the water, is going to get push down to the med to low 70s. When you start having cold fronts. Reds are going to go for that warmer water. That means they will move out the Marsh and to deeper water. It's like having a full cup of water and you put it in the freezer for 3 to 6 hrs. and only the outer side of the water turns to ice and the med is still water. It's because the outer water gets colder faster. Just like in the Bayou 1 foot of water is going to get colder faster then 3 foot of water avg. Reds don't like colder water. They will move to stay warm. That's why a big change in water temperature will let you know how much the fish move out the flats or marsh grass. 


    Cold fronts are not just going to drop the Temperature of the water but drop the avg. water level. Your fishing spot having 3 feet to now having as low as 2 feet of water.  Best way of knowing if your new to fishing is looking at tide charts or asking local fisherman at docks or Facebook groups.

    How to read a tide chart

    It's never a bad thing asking local fisherman just because your new to fishing. Like an old saying “no question is a Dum question.”  

    Once Mother Nature is doing her thing. The reds are going to start to change their behaver. From feeding to schooling (congregate in more confined acres) Looking for the warmer water, deep holes like the mouth of ponds or right in the med of a pond where it’s the deepest at. Just remember the reds will know if it's not a save place that they can't be bc of the tide dropping they will not stay there. Once again know your tides.  


    Low tides

     Having low tides, is going to change the way the reds will feed. They will not have to move and us some much energy to hunt down to feed. The small bait fish will be push closer in to the main bayou and month of cuts with good water. It's like having a big swimming pool of 10 people in it. They can swim and move easy. Now take the same 10 people and put them in a smaller pool they can't move as easy. Reds are going to us this to there evatch for feeding and saving energy. Reds will find cuts with good water flow on feeding. Knowning that the pond that had 3 to 6'' of water is about to be ement. With all the bait fish that was full in there is now going to be coming out. With that nice RED waiting like a lino waiting on his food. Reds are going to us the tide flow in their favor to feed and not us as much energy. They will let the bait fish come to them.  


    Feeding Habit

    Red fish love to eat shrimp and this time of the year the shrimp size is dropping. The shrimp is moving out the marsh beds to the open waters in big schools running with the tide. When you're out at your local tackle shop STOP, think of what size bait or the reds eating. The New baits that look nice on the wall is not always the best. It may not be the best time on buying because of the size of bait.   

    The asner is going to be B. Timing as the day goes on the air tem and water tem is going to increase. This is going to be a great time when reds will start to move to warmer water. Like flats and in the marsh/banks. Redfish feed changes at this point to hunting more for the feed/bait warmer the water more energy the reds are going to have to us. Have you ever been lucky to see a red tail up next to a grass bank/bed and wasn’t moving. This is because one more two thing it was sleeping or saving its energy. In the fall time seen a red tailing its 99% on the hunt for feed and not sleeping.  

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