Covid Life Change to Fishing

Covid Life Change to Fishing

Better to Worse

We all were was hurt in a way when covid hit from losing loved ones, jobs and much more. In this case an US Army combat infantry vet didn't let it STOP HIM. When fishing was calling his name something he knew how to do as a kid. Being a human, as time goes on, we all can ADAPT to change.

Will aka (UrbanFloridaFishing) started fishing at a young age with his dad. Fishing brings family together, like most it starts at a young age. How many of you can remember the times being on the banks or water fishing when you were younger? It’s some of life’s memories that stay with you forever. Years back, fishing was a way of life… even survival. Now, fishing has become a hobby to many people.

The Big Hit of the pandemic(Covid) came in no time, like hooking a PB fish. The drag starts going out and the heart starts to race, with uncertainty about what’s going to happen. As for Will (UrbanFloridaFishing), with having a full time business, doing therapy for Parkinson’s, and doing private therapy/personal training, the months started to go by, and the changes were happening. He knew that if things kept going he way it was, he would have to do something. That time came fast like a speeding bullet aiming to destroy Will’s (UrbanFloridaFishing) life and all he had worked for. He had changed from full time therapy for Parkinson’s and private/personal training to having to CLOSE the Parkinson’s therapy , only focusing on private/personal training. It was hard for him to do, like a rain drop from the sky. It falls to Earth with thousands of other drops making a puddle. The sun comes out, which causes evaporation, turning the drop back into a cloud which completes a revolving cycle. Will was this water drop, life turning him back to his childhood fishing experience. Just like that it hit him, he knew what he had to do. 

That was take what his father showed him and bring it back alive. With the internet he is on his way, providing for his family with a new business, UrbanFloridaFishing with fishing tips and video all over the internet you can find him Living the Dream


Just to think how things can change your life without knowing it. Fishing with your family as a kid just having fun making means to been one of the world internet fishing channels. Where is fishing taking you.

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